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Indian Accutouch Medical Institute(IAMI)

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Magi Ramalingam the founder of Indian Accutouch Medical Institute(IAMI) in the year 2001 in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore District, South India. The Indian Accutouch Medical institute(IAMI) has been authorized by National Development Agency, promoted by the Government of India. In Indian Accutouch - Acupuncture Wellness Centre, patients can get Touch Treatment for most type of disease without any drugs and without any side-effects

Magi. Ramalingam delivered a speech about AcuPuncture and he says that we can cure most types of diseases without medicine(A Treatment without Medicine) and Acupuncture can cure most of the diseases. Take some time and watch the video about acupuncture Treatment

Our Indian Accutouch Medical Institute has Recognised By Bharathaiyar University, coimbatore.University has promoted the Diploma(D.Acu) and Degree(BSC and MSC ) courses of Acupuncture Science.


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