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Posted by Admin on 19-02-2018 1:46 PM

feb 19, 2018.

Under the flagship of Traditional Acupuncturist Organisation, Magi Ramalingam the director of IAMI and President of  TAO TamilNadu conducted 2 days health awareness program at Bangalore on Feb. 17 & 18 2018 at Gandhi Bhavan. The progamme have made the  beneficiaries to have the basic knowledge about the disease and they have been made to know the life style to be adopted for a healthy living. Further the basic philosophies have been thought along with the basic pulse diagnosis. Volunteers from old alumni have helped the program to run smoothly by guidng  the beneficiers for locating points and observing pulse diagnosis.
Further Mr.Anandh, President of TAO Karnataka, Mr. Thangarathinam and Dr.vivek have also shared their experiences with the beneficiaries for their benefit.The lunch and snacks have been provided for the beneficieries at the venue. The Beneficiaries have shared their testimony a the last. All the beneficiaries have been awarded with participant certificate from TAO.  

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