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Posted by Admin on 27-05-2018 6:15 PM

             The meeting was presided over by  Shri Magi Ramalingam.  Acupuncturist Shri Thangarathinam welcomed the TAO members and delivered a speech about  the benefits of using the Mobile App developed by TAO Team.   After this, the proceedings of TAO family get together held on 1st and 2nd May 2018 at Kotagiri was reviewed by the members.

     Dr. R. Vivek, Treasurer staged a demo on installing and using the Mobile App and the TAO mapping followed by a speech by Acupuncturist Shri Syed Ali narrating his experiences in the treatment of acupuncture. 

New Membership certificates and ID cards were distributed to the TAO Members who have renewed membership and to those who enrolled as new members.   Then the President Acupuncturist Shri Magi Ramalingam delivered his presidential address narrating new techniques in acupuncture treatment.

The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Acupuncturist Shri R. Manikandan

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