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Posted by Admin on 22-12-2018 6:41 PM


M/s. Chennai Silks have arranged a Health Awareness Program for their employees on Wednesday, the 19th December 2018 at their premises, Crosscut Road, Coimbatore.  IAMI Director Sri Magi Ramalingam was invited to give his lecture on Nature Cure – the Drugless Therapy – Acupuncture Science.

Sri Magi Ramalingam started his eloquent speech at 7.30 am.  The Managing Director of Chennai Silks Group Sri Vinayagam earnestly participated in the program along with his family members.  More than 450 employees of Chennai Silks from various branches took part with their minds preparing to learn a new way of life by adopting nature cure, a drugless therapy.

The major points covered by Sri Magi Ramalingam in his address are:-

  • How to keep oneself healthy by nature

  • Life style to be adopted

  • How to get relief from first stage common health discomforts such as fever, cold, etc.,

  • Food habits that have to be followed

  • Keeping a spiritual mind free of stress in order to avoid health problems

Sri Magi Ramalingam’s speech was paid heed by the gathering with a pin drop silence and everyone was impressed by the doctrines of nature cure as elaborated by the speaker.  He closed his address at 9.30 am after answering few questions from the audience.

Sri Vinayagam, Managing Director who stands an example for his affection and for the way of treating the employees, was moved by the speech of Sri Magi Ramalingam and he has kindly advised his employees to follow the healthy way of life as shown by the speaker and he also advised them to conduct a revising session themselves every week.  Everyone of the employees took an oath to follow the nature cure ways of life hereafter.

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