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            In the era of modern science, there are many astonishing scientific inventions, useful instruments, automobiles, flying machines (avion), scorching rockets, atomic power capable of destroying human race and so on. These are really mind blowing, there’s no doubt in it. We find pleasure using these things. It’s true that we attain mental and physical contentedness due to their usage. But, if we pierce them, insert them, implant them inside our bodies and suture it and think this too as scientific, it is anguishing.

If at all it is scientific, then would it be possible to extend the life of a dead person at least by one week? It’s impossible because in our body, no instrument can function in accordance with our mind. In our body, we calculate the function of our organs per minute, but actually they function based on human emotions. It’s function is ever changing, it  increases, decreases, stops, slows down, speedens as per our inner feelings.

It would be apt if we take the function of heart as an example. As per our emotions and feelings, we might have noticed that our heart could beat 30 to 250 times. That is, while you sleep and as soon as you wake up, we can check the pulse for 15 seconds, every 10 minutes and note the changes in its function. Similarly, in the afternoon and in the evening, when we are happy and when we are angry, we may check our pulse for 15 seconds. Its rate might have increased 2 or 3 times more. In the same way, when our body is trying to balance itself, i.e., during physical illness such as fever, pain and during injury etc, if we check our pulse, it would have increased 3 to 4 times.

The medical field is aware of the fact that when children get fever, their pulse rate may be 150 to 250 per minute.

The medical practitioners use instruments to measure pulse rate, to measure B.P and other such instrument and propagate that these instruments are very scientific. It is ironical because it shows that they are unaware of the basic facts behind this.

We might think that – these instrument show us the report of exact numerical value of our body condition and this science is very useful to us. But, what are we going to do with these numerical values? When we try to balance our body’s numerical values with a person who is in normal state of mind and different state of body and thereby we interfere in the work of our vital energy. ‘what’s going to happen due to that?’

Let’s take an example of a person who has not slept for the past 4 days. As a result of that- he might have had improper digestion, improper assimilation, improper elimination and thereby accumulation of toxic substances in the body. When these toxins get accumulated in the body, the body becomes diseased. So, inorder to eliminate the toxins, rapid subatomic spinning takes place, which produces heat. That is why, the body temperature of those who have inadequate sleep, increases. Unaware of this, to decrease the heat, that is fever, if drugs (medicines) are consumed, it disrupts our body’s mechanism and diminishes the strength and causes harm.

There is no substance that can be used as drug to increase our body’s vital energy except food. When drugs are consumed, it cannot boost our vital energy but only destroys our vital energy. This is why, there are drugs to control high blood pressure, but no drug to increase the low blood pressure.

The drugs are capable of altering/disrupting, the vital energy’s functions. As per the priority, the vital energy carries on the functions like breathing, functioning of heart, the action of involuntary muscles, which do not cause any damage to the vital energy.

But when we use drugs as per our assumption and wish, we cause damage to the vital energy. For instance, to boost our digestion, when we consume digestive tonics, due to that, the digestive juices which have to be secreted naturally, are forcefully and abruptly secreted, thereby, it creates laziness or sleepiness in the whole body. It indicates that the liver is getting weak. The tonic comprises of alcohol which stimulates the organs to secrete digestive juices abruptly and forces the stomach for rapid fermentation, due to which the whole body’s function gets imbalanced. Imbalanced body is an unhealthy body.

Our body functions as per homeostatics. That is the vital energy always maintains stable condition within the body despite external changes. This is possible by the autonomic body function. When digestion tonics are consumed, we can feel the damage caused to this vital force. When, a simple digestive tonic can cause so much harm, then imagine the condition of taking drugs!

Now let’s see, what happens whenever we use drugs to relieve our pain. Whenever we get headache, we immediately consume a drug. We do not feel headache after that. Is it good? We may think that if we do not feel the sense of pain, it’s good. But, how has the pain gone and where has it disappeared? If we realize this, we will never consume any poisonous chemical in the form of drug or apply pain balms on our skin for relief. Why is a pain felt? For this, today’s medical specialists have researched and found that the unwanted toxic substances that can endanger our lives are hidden in our tissues, our body and our vital force strive hard to eliminate it. So, the process of eliminating them is felt as pain by us. Why do we have to feel it as pain?

When the morbid substance is produced due to routine process, it is easily excreted from the body in the form of urine, stool, sweat, phlegm and tears by our vital force. But the morbid substances that cannot be eliminated by conversion into simple substances, become rigid over a period of time and gets deposited in our tissues. Due to normal functioning in that part, when these morbid substances are tried to be expelled, it causes a mild pain in those parts. If we understand that it is the essential procedure of our body, soul and sense, we would cooperate with it by not performing any other work both physically and mentally and taking complete rest. When we do so, even that mild pain gets converted into a pleasant pain.

Instead of it, when for this mild pain, we intake chemical substances (medicines) along with food, our vital force is unable to eliminate these waste substances, it goes to a confused mode and becomes weakened. So along with the already present waste substances, further, medicines and chemicals get accumulated. After that, inorder to regain its strength, the life force may take around 2-3 weeks, or 2-3 months, or for some it may take 6 months time, which depends on one’s body condition and capability of the life force.

After the vital force regains its strength, again when it tries to expel the morbid substances, once again we feel the pain or else we might get fever, vomit, diarrhea etc.

When we get fever, it becomes easy for our body to eliminate the morbid substances from our tissue by increasing our body temperature. We do not understand this concept, and start taking drugs to control vomit, diarrhea, and fever thereby our vital force again goes to a confused mode. Every time when we take drugs for fever, vomit or diarrhea, more and more wastes, various toxins get accumulated in our body. Then we get high fever, pain and agony than before. It gets converted into chronic disease.

When our life force is unable to eliminate these morbid matters, poisonous substances and struggles hard, then all the glands start secreting hormones as per the situation. We call it by different names like pituitary, adrenal disorders, thyroid, arthritis, nephritis, appendicitis etc. Similarly the fevers are named accordingly.


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