A Thought for Acupuncture

Posted by Admin on 06-10-2018 8:03 PM

A Thought for Acupuncture

Mahendra Bongarala

President, TAO Telangana

On hearing someone say, that the human body is part physical and part non-physical, almost all will nod their heads in acknowledgment. But, we are used to thinking of our body as a Physical System; which by all means it certainly is. We rarely think of it as an energy system, a system that is governed by a life-force, drawing energy from; and being nourished by the Universal force or Universal energy that is governing the universe.

Our material Bodies are composed of the five elements. Elemental energy imbalances disturb the functioning of the body. Thereby our Vital Energy becomes impaired and this affects the Physiology. The body in its incredible wisdom, will try to self-correct. When points are stimulated, the flow of vital energy is restored and also the capability of the body to draw from the infinite universal energy. Science has for a long time told us that matter and energy are different states and interchangeable. Quantum theory has given us more insight and says that matter can exist as particle and wave (vibration). A particle can be here and there at the same time .The funny thing is that matter at a quantum level stays solid when you perceive it or measure or interfere with it. Otherwise it is purely in a wave state or energy state. Though it sounds fantastic, these observations are scientifically proven.

We have been given to think that matter is solid. Research has shown that most of what we consider as solid is empty, the solid part being a very tiny part of the atom or sub atomic particles. Most of the atom is empty space, empty in a sense that there is no mass or negligible mass, but there is a medium where exchange of even tinier particles or energy takes place.

So, if we think of our bodies as Physical, then yes we do require Physical therapies or material treatments or chemical based treatments. If we think of our bodies as Energy, then it is not illogical to suggest that therapies like Acupuncture, that recognise the importance of energy system, are more subtle in the approach as compared to purely physical.

It is only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence catches up in this field too and comes up with more accurate diagnosis of elemental energy imbalances and electromagnetic stimulation of points. To ordinary people, such treatments will become more acceptable, more mainstream will ultimately become unquestionably scientific, simply because this will be carried out by computers with little human intervention.

So, we have a Physical System, an Energy System and what is it that which bridges these two? I think it is the mind and the inner self, even though these systems are designed to run without any conscious thought process. How we perceive our relationships, our work and our environment governs the functioning of the human system. Therefore to even think that something can possibly harm you, can actually begin to work in such a way. While we can try to be as natural as possible let not this mania overtake us; and begin to work against us. Our thoughts are vibrational energy. When we try and stimulate a particular point we are effectively using this vibrational energy in a focused yet subtle way. Behind the Physical Stimulation through needle or touch, it is the thought that acts.

Thought is energy ....... That’s why thought matters.

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