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Nature Cure - The ultimate treatment

Nature cure, the treatment for the organism as a complete way of cure a disease which are the symptoms converting into disease by modern medicinal systems. Nature cure is stimulating and reviving the internal vitality permanently where at the same time modern medicines stimulating temporarily and treat each symptoms as separate disease. Nature cure’s view is each individual as a unique with their own body chemistry, biological clock, hormonal system and genetic sign. These systems exposed everyday with various externalinfluences.Causenaturecuresystem hasimportantroleinthisregard.Thissystemiscuringdisease or symptoms without any unnatural, artificial things but with the natural products.

There are various methods through which the nature cure treatments can experience. They are definitely without any artificial materials but natural one. Five elements are the basic for this treatment. So naturally this therapy includes cure through air, water, earth, fire or heat, energy of wood or sky along with simple diet like soup of greens or vegetables, fresh fruit juice, fasting, buttermilk, honey, massage, pressure colour etc.,

Yoga- a supporting tool for healthy life style.

Yoga is not an exercise therapy but it’s a healthy lifestyle of each individuals. So whoever wants to adopt this in their life has discipline them self. If anyone has habitual to lead an indiscipline life stye so they have to change their life style into disciplined. So they have to comet the time, diet, work and rest. So equal importance is must for all these three, and then they can think to adopt yoga practice in their life. It’s not a process of a day life like how we are celebrating festival once in a year but it should be regular how we are continuously breathing to live. Because it is essential to lead an healthy life.

“manah prashamanopayaha yogaha”, ”chitha vrithi nirodaha yogaha”
The yoga contains eight steps to reach its ultimate goal, they are: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama,
Prathyhara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. Asana having lead role in basic yoga practice. As same as naure cure
yoga also natural remedy only because al the postures or asasnas in yoga practice indicating as part of nature it
may be like animal, bird, incest, plant,tree, sun, moon etc.

For example: shashankaasana=posture of moon, garudhaasana= posture of egle, mandukasana= posture of
frog, makarasana = posture of crocodile, shimhaasana= posture of lion, vrikshasana= posture of tree, the dog berating and rabbit breathing etc.

In this regard we must mention our great freedom fighter mahatma Gandhi. In his vision nature cure is a holistic treatment for healthy life. In 11th Jan 1930 he explained that spontaneous working system of nature. Nature has provided within body itself of cleansing it. So when illness occurs we should realise that there exists
improper matter from the body and that commenced the cleansing process in the particular physical body. due to a breach of natural’s laws”.

Gandhi talked about the main course of the disease in letter written to N.M.Samarth on 20th Aug 1918. He said” I believe in nature cure and fasting. Nature cure is hydropathy and enema. The only food i am taking is fruit juices, particularly ‘orange juice’. i am free to confess that nature cure means to that extent want of faith in the purely religious cure. I have not the courage to keep myself exclusively to the latter when i know that the disease is due to a breach of natural’s laws”.

The above said two curing systems are developing our inner vital energy as well as immune power. So the traditional acupuncture or acu-touch (shan zu) is curing widely all the symptoms or disease by using essence of nature cure.

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