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Dear Tao Members

I thank you for having provided me this wonderful moment to address you all again.And I wish to congratulate all our IAMI students who have passed their Bharathiar University Exams.

Having passed the academic lessons, to keep the sprit and the quest of Acupuncture life science alive, we would like to create an opportunity to share the knowledge, post the experiences and voice the doubts in a common forum called “Traditional Acupuncturist Organitation” (Tao).

The objectives of the forum are as follows

  1. To protect the public by ensuring the highest standards of competency and ethics Acupuncture.
  2. To educate legislations, regulation and the general public regarding the nature and scope of Acupuncture.
  3. To promote public awareness centres to propagate Acupuncture and its immense benefit to achieve wellness through drugless Acupuncture Life science.
  4. To strive to support research projects that focus on national as well as global health concerns and unite all the like minded members together with a noble common motto to serve the public.
  5. To up hold the esteemed traditional of Acupuncture and oriental medicine and protect in every way the philosophy, science and art of our profession.
  6. To enhance the skills and knowledge of acupuncturists by sponsoring continuing education programs with high standards of professional competence.
  7. To serve the acupuncturists as their official representative and spokesmen for current and future legislation.
  8. To support lobbying efforts to uphold the integrity of our profession and protect the society.
  9. To foster and maintain a professional, informative and friendly rapport with physicians and other health care providers in the best interest of delivering effective health care.

I welcome each and every one of you to join with this forum to utilise its immense cause and strength to elevate Acupuncture as “ACUPUNCTURE LIFE SCIENCE”.

“” is created solely to discuses and shares the knowledge among all our Acupuncture Life science practitioners.

Your suggestions and guidance are welcome to improve the quality and to reach each and every one of us effortlessly.

Thank you once again and I wish you all success in your practices and all the moment in your life cherished by the blissful benefits of “MOTHER NATURE”

with Nature
Magi Ramalingam
President - Tao

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Indian Accutouch Medical Institute
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Indian Accutouch Medical Institute
10/85, Sedan Thottam,
GN Mills post
Coimbatore- 641029.

Email Id :
Contact : +91 9786818380