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Nature cure’s philosophy is that assimilation and elimination does not take place simultaneously. While eliminating of morbid substances, one does not feel hunger, he feels tiredness. As per the toxin content of the morbid substance and as per the power of the vital force, one may feel pain and agony intensively or mildly. So, during pain, agony, one should not intake food till he feels hungry, and should take complete rest. This makes recovery easy and simple.

            Major content of our body is water. Today’s scientists have found that all other elements are made up of combination of water. Water has the property of being clear or concentrated. Based on this, it has the capacity of affecting our mind, our actions, our feelings, which has been proved by modern scientists. Our ancestors believed that water and moon are closely connected, moon and mind are directly connected. That is during full moon (poornima) and no moon (amavasya) days, they led us towards spiritual thoughts and did not get involved in hard physical and mental works during this time as our mind undergoes certain changes. In Srilanka, these days are observed as national holidays.

            We might have observed that during full moon day, the largest water body- the ocean, produces unusually spring high tides, similarly when the distance between moon and Earth is maximum i.e., during the no moon day, the sea recedes.

            As moon comes closer to Earth, its gravitational pull increases and it causes tidal bulge. Similar occurrences happen in every living organisms because the organs of living organisms are mainly made of water. Likewise, our body too acts as per the gravity of moon. Our blood which is fluid, expands and contracts similarly. The blood thickens and thins as per that and blood flow increases or decreases too. When blood thickens, its transportation capacity also differs.

When the concentration of the blood is less, it naturally attracts and carries lot of substances with it. During that time, growth and repair happens rapidly. That is, it is more suitable for becoming healthy. Contradictory to this, highly concentrated blood may have difficulty in carrying energy providing substances and the collection of the waste substances accumulated in cells. We must understand that when blood is already thick, it is difficult to carry other substances (nutrients, wastes etc) along with it. So, during no moon day, we should not consume food that is hard to digest. That’s why, our ancestors observed fasting during no moon day. During those days, the changes in the fluid constituent of our body, increases body heat. As a result of this, mental distractions are causes and one gets attracted to sexual desires. That’s why during no moon day and full moon day, for body and mental fitness, our ancestors engaged themselves in spiritual thoughts. They created certain rituals etc so that people’s minds are diverted to holy thoughts.

            Our health, fitness and strength depends on the energy derived from the food after it reaches the cells of our body. This function depends upon the body fluid i.e., blood which transports nutrients and carries away morbid substances. We should understand that it does not depend upon the nutrient food alone which we consume. Blood’s flow changes as per its surface tension. This is a Buddhist belief too. That is we know that there is difference between the flow of mercury/oil and water flow. Mercury/oil does not fully allow anything to get dissolved in it. But water’s property is different from this. Similarly, blood thickens or thins according to the surface tension. When our mind is free, happy, normal (relaxed), has acceptance (without- stubbornness, anger, worry, fear, grief, proudness), certainly the surface tension of the fluid (blood) is less. Its efficiency of transportation is high. After digestion in the stomach, the nutrients that we get, is transported by the blood efficiently to all the parts of the body and the morbid substances that are present in various organs is carried by blood to the waste eliminating organs like lungs, skin, kidney and thereby helps the morbid substances to get eliminated with ease. As a result our body, mind and life get enriched.

            When we are tensed and get negative emotions, the flow of the blood and its transporting capability is decreased. That is when we get anger, fear, grief, proud or worry, the surface tension of our body increases and does not allow nutrients to get mixed with it or carry morbid substances for elimination. These tasks are temporarily stopped. When these feelings become our habits, i.e., getting angry, worried, then these functions get permanently stopped and our body becomes a disease breeding centre. And in due course of time, we start naming it as incurable diseases.

NOTE: A Japanese scientist named Emotto has proved that molecular structure of water is affected by our emotions, words and reaction.

            Our ancestors applied positive thoughts and emotions to the water and used it to cure many incurable diseases. This was a common practice followed by them. Normally the surface tension of water is 73 dynes/cm2 . By their focused thoughts, they were able to convert it to 48 dynes/cm2 and thereby were able to cure diseases. Modern scientists have proved that positive thinking, relaxing and attaining normal state of mind, the surface tension of water decreases.

            When someone suffered from incurable diseases in olden days, our ancestors filled a small container with water and they mindfully, mercifully, through highest thought focus, transferred their emotions in it and cured many diseases.

            Mesmer followed a similar technique, but he did not introduce an external substance. He might have realized that by ascendant touch, the fluid’s (blood) characteristic changes, so initially he touched the patients, then later patients touched him for cure. Later on he magnetized a tree and made his patients to touch the tree and get cured, which the history reveals.

            To further understand this intellectually, scientifically, we have to first understand that the surface tension of fluid (blood) is 73 dynes/cm2 when we are in a normal state of mind. When we are freezed with emotion, the surface tension increases and when we are relaxed, happy, normal and curious, then the surface tension of blood decreases to 48-58 dynes/cm2. This has been recorded by scientists. We might have commonly seen that, when patients suffering from severe diseases, receive ascendant acupuncture touch, are instantaneously cured.


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