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      In the life of a person who seeks welfare, the contribution of a doctor plays a major part, this cannot be ignored. But today’s modern medical strategy approaches patients only for money making. The best doctor is one who eliminates fear from patient’s mind, makes him realize the true fact, becomes trustworthy and clears all doubts/panic regarding a disease. But today’s situation is entirely the reverse. They scare everyone saying that in this age, this disease may affect you, we suspect that this type of cough may be TB, intermittent fever can be a symptom of incurable disease. It creates negative effect on the mental determination of a person. By these kind of propaganda which are against the medical ethics, people are scared and rush to these hospitals.

If we analyze it we will understand everything. Who has the disease? We have! Then who can feel the disease better than us? Neither the other person, nor any instrument invented by man. You might think, why is it not possible? Instruments show proper diagnostic results, how can you say it’s not correct! O.K. let’s consider that the instruments (machines) show the exact results. Now, you feel excessive hunger, can any machine in this world show that? Now you have tormenting pain in your little finger. Can any scientifically, technologically developed modern instrument diagnose and find it? No it’s impossible. Dr. Fazlur Rahman says, “No instrument has been found that can feel our hunger or pain.”

Man’s basic sensations are hunger and pain that haunt him. When an instrument/machine is not capable of finding even these basic sensations, what is the use of them being capable of measuring other values? Until we understand this, only those who own those machines/ instruments are going to be benefitted by it and not us

What we are trying to say here, that you might have already felt. Scientists have said nothing new. Now let’s analyze body with feelings (emotions) and its influence. By keenly observing and understanding by experience, anyone can easily find that modern medicine’s claims/assertions are not true. After a baby is born, when it cries, the mother by her instinct can find that the baby is feeling hungry and she embraces the baby and breast feeds it. After a few months, we might think that only breast milk may not be sufficient for the baby and we feed it with cow’s milk. The baby’s vital force by its instinct, is able to find out that it is some other milk, so it vomits it. Eventhen, due to doctor’s advice, we give digestion tonics that comprises of alcohol and grape juice. It hinders the function of intestines and thereby spoils the natural digestion of the intestines. We fail to realize, how much quantity of food a baby can digest and we overload the drowsy baby’s tummy and put the baby to sleep.

You might think- ‘o.k., but what’s wrong in it!’ Earlier the baby was sucking, tasting and drinking the breast milk as per its need. Now we have made it habituated to drink milk with chemically bleached white sugar and by giving digestion tonics. You  might think- ‘So what! Anyhow, that’s not going to affect the baby.’ That’s incorrect, ofcourse, it is going to spoil the baby’s body and intestine, that is nature’s law. Other animal’s milk that has gone in excess into the body is considered morbid substance by the intestines. But, this milk wastage cannot be easily eliminated. It sticks between the villi of the intestines, in due course of time, it gets spoiled there. Inorder to clean it, very fine worms are produced in intestines. These worms have not been produced to eat away the intestines or the baby. Then why have they been produced! They have been produced to clean up the morbid substances in the intestines. O.K. then where would these worms go after cleaning? They will search the path to get away from there. That is why we may see the worms coming out of the anus. Medical professionals might say that, water and milk which has not been boiled and filtered and other unclean, unhealthy food causes this problem. Had we ever given unclean and unhealthy food to our babies? No, never. Then how is it possible! We might have seen in our homes that beetles infest rice that are kept unattended, and worms and beetles grow in grocery items like pulses, spices etc. This is nature’s secret manner of cleansing. Similarly, when a rat, bandicoot or a dog dies, in 3-4 days a foul smell is emanated from the carcass and we find worms coming out of the rotten flesh. They feed on the rotten flesh and die after eating the carcass completely. This is a natural phenomenon. The parents of the worms are waste, rotten, decomposing, foul smelling substances. We should understand that worms do not reproduce worms.

Now, again lets come back to the example of a baby. We have seen that after the baby starts drinking the cow’s milk or other animal’s milk and further given digestion tonics, it becomes chubby. Lets see if this chubby baby is really healthy and strong because ‘heftiness is not healthiness.’

Mother’s milk contained the simple fats that could be easily assimilated by the baby’s intestines, it contained nutrients for nourishment and growth. When the baby was drinking only mother’s milk, it was the complete food for it.

But additionally when cow’s milk, biochemical combinations (containing chemical compositions meant for baby’s growth, strength etc), chemically bleached sugar and also digestion tonics were given, even when the body refuses to intake it, all these result in accumulations in the cells, which make babies chubby.

You might feel- so what? This forcefully fed, improper nutrients, chemical substances would soon get converted into toxic morbid substances. Where will the morbid substances go? It enters into the cells of our body

Our cells have supreme intelligence as said by our country’s siddha saints. According to the American cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, cells perform nearly 10,000 types of actions, they have supreme natural intelligence. Cells never spoil their biological status. They have the capability to adapt as per the mind’s registrations, perceptions, temperature, environmental stimuli.

Now, once again lets come back to the chubby baby. That baby’s cell of course has highest intelligence. Whenever we give it a chance, by increasing the interval between meals, or by giving it sufficient rest, its body expels those unwanted nutrients, morbid substances by means of vomit, diarrhea or fever. We fail to understand that these occur to cure us and instead of allowing this to happen, we seek a doctor and use medicines to cure this. It becomes impossible to get cure. Naturally vomit, fever etc are going to reduce on its own. They get cured on their own after eliminating the morbid substances. Then the body returns to its normal condition. When this elimination process is happening in the body we get vomit, diarrhea, fever, pain etc.

But when we take drugs or inject chemical substances (toxins) in our veins, our body cells get confused. They work diligently to eliminate the new toxins (medicine/injection) along with the already present morbid substances (toxins) of our body.

The baby’s vital force is unable to fight these powerful chemical toxins, and it gets weakened. So, when temporarily the function of elimination gets stopped, we feel the changes happen in the baby’s body. This is not the symptom of cure but a situation when the vital force has a setback. If at all it is cured then, why does vomit, fever, diarrhea, sugar, cholesterol and similar diseases occur again and again? That is why,

padmabhoosan, heart specialist Dr. B.M.Hegde has said, “All diseases have a cure, is the biggest lie of the 21st century. There is no pill for every ill, there is an ill following every pill.” Now, are you able to clearly understand what medicines really do? All types of medicinal systems (using medicine in any form) hinder our body’s natural curing tendency. Drugs perform opposite action against the natural function of our vital force. Drug actually means- a chemical substance that is intended to alter a biochemical process for a particular purpose (biology-online dictionary).

You might think that after consuming a drug for fever, our fever disappears and all our physical sufferings disappear. So in order to get rid of our suffering, we require a doctor. Drugs actually do not find the root cause of our sufferings and pain and destroy them. Instead of it, they deactivate our tendency to feel the pain. Thereby our body is unable to take steps to cure the root cause of it. So, temporarily all actions of elimination are stopped. We do not realize this fact, we take this fake feeling as true, but in reality we do not get cured.

Now, lets see what happens after that. In any circumstance, our vital force does not allow any foreign body to enter our body. So, again when the vital force regains its normal strength, once again it tries to eliminate the morbid substances from the body. By internal friction i.e., subatomic spinning, it creates heat and produces fever

Again we use chemicals to suppress it, then our body produces bacteria to clear the morbid substances, we again use anti-bacterial drugs to kill those bacteria. Then, again our body produces other microorganisms (such as virus which have the tendency to change its shape and colour) in our blood to again dispose off the toxins from our body, then, again we use more powerful drugs to destroy them. Finally, only toxins and morbid substances prevail in the body. The disease then proceeds to the next stage. That is why, it’s rightly said, no drug has been found to cure a disease, but drugs only suppress the symptoms.

O.K., what happens to the hidden and suppressed diseases? They again reappear in a new form. And each time we fail to recognize it. Repeatedly, we try to suppress it. The disease grows and we lose our strength, health and faith.


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