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Acupuncture is a philosophy and branch of life science that involves inserting needles to relieve people from sickness. But there is another form to it where the practitioner only touches the energy meridians on your hands, legs or feet and the person is healed. It's just a delicate touch for a few seconds. This touch when taken once a week has rid many people of their illnesses. In severe cases, the patients have experienced a slowing down of their trauma and in some cases, even cancer has been reversed. Sometimes, people have been healed dramatically with a single touch, like children suffering from a stomach upset or adults with headaches. And sometimes, it takes many weeks and months, like people suffering from bone-related disorders like a curved spine, frozen shoulder and so on.


Acupuncture advocates living in harmony with nature for a healthy living. The mind is the source of all disease. If you understand it well, you can overcome any health setback. The mind is given to worrying about the past and fearing the future. The five passions of anger, lust, greed, vanity and attachment are the root causes of all sufferings. We must start loving our self, others and the divine to bring positive vibes into our life and consciousness. And that's what acupuncture does by channelizing the healing through the healing meridians.


Life is woven around cause and effect. What we sow is what we reap. Being a good with fruitful thinking enhances our sense of self worth, Therefore, it's important to stay happy and keep people around us happy as well.

Disease begins in the mind. And it grows by our habits and way of living. We have to change our lifestyle by changing the way we think. Proper way of having food itself is medicine. The more we eat and drink mindfully, the better our health will be. And that's precisely what Acupuncture Life science philosophy prescribes which helped our ancestors live a long life without medicine.


The lesser you sleep, the more toxins you accumulate because sleeplessness causes inflammation. And inflammation leads to body pain. We need to give our body enough rest and sleep that it needs.

Drink water only when you are thirsty. And drink water, sip by sip. And eat food only when you feel for it. Dont eat when you are not hungry. Chew well and eat food slowly. 15 minutes of chewing food helps digestion to begin in the mouth. Our tongue is the best doctor and saliva is the best medicine. It helps our digestion.

Hunger, thirst and fatigue are natural guiding systems of our health. It these are ignored and only go about fulfilling them based on time, we are going against the grain of what our body actually needs and at what time.

When we are angry, worried or stressed about something, we lose our sleep and either go hungry or eat far more than required. Either way, we are abusing our body and this results in some form of disease. The most common is cough and cold that happens because we are not taking in enough oxygen to keep our cells in good shape. The moment we have cold, we pop a pill. However, it only suppresses the symptom for a while and you get sick again within days and weeks.


When toxins accumulate in our body, we get a disease of some form. The pain or discomfort causes by this disease will not allow you to feel hunger. Here is where we can avoid eating hard or heavy food and can switch over to easily digestible food. Our immune system tries to throw out the toxins through cough, cold, pain, itching, vomiting or loose motion. Any sign of sufferings in the body is actually a process of healing the system. People misunderstand this healing process as disease when it's actually Operation Cleansing. Improper intake of food or medicine suppresses this process of healing. When the system gets back the energy by some alternative method, the body heals faster. This is 100% natural and the treatment is far more assured than by popping a pill.


Acupuncture is a lifestyle science. Modify your eating and sleeping habits and you can heal yourself. Avoid all forms of packaged food, be it health drinks, coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks and so on. Only have water and take plenty of rest when you fall sick. You can have seasonal fruits, vegetables and soups to boost your digestive system. When our body is unable to work, we must provide plenty of rest for faster healing.


Fever is not a disease. Many people get upset when they have fever. But it's actually a sign that your body is fighting to throw away toxins you are affected with. Acupuncture tells you to go on a fast when you have fever. Just have room temperature water and nothing else. Your body will thank you by coming back to health much more quickly since no stress is being put on its digestive system. But what do we do? We want the fever to stop and pop a pill. The natural process of healing is discontinued as the pill cools your body and the body stops fighting the disease. The symptom of fever goes away but the disease remains. Which is why, there are frequent relapses because the body was not allowed to banish the disease. And we continue to do this every time there is fever and we do this all our lives. So the body is never allowed to fight fever on its own. And the diseases continue to accumulate in our body. And one day, they show up in a monstrous fashion. Cancer could be one such form.


Your health rests on one thing above all else: Discipline. If you respect your body, you can control your body. The moment you abuse your body, you lose control over it. And this is also why some people don't want to take up acupuncture. They want quick remedies without going on a diet. There is no gain without sacrifice. And there is no gain overnight. Healing takes time, particularly because people have abused their bodies for decades by popping pills. To detoxify their bodies and follow a new eating routine takes patience, perseverance and faith.

Yes, you read that right. Acupuncture demands faith. If you have great disdain to all forms of alternative treatments, and only take up acupuncture treatment to test it out, it may or may not work. Why? Because negativity begets negativity. If your subconscious mind wants the treatment to fail, it will fail. So it's important to be open-minded. Only those who are flexible will be saved. A swaying palm tree will not be uprooted even in a storm, but a rigid tall tree will be chopped off in the eye of a storm. It's the laws of nature. If you are flexible and open minded, you are more likely to survive and in this case, heal yourself.


Don't compare acupuncture with medicinal system. There is no point of comparison. If any intervention against the nature is to suppress the symptoms, acupuncture is a holistic treatment methodology that looks at the root cause of all illnesses, both known and unknown to you. Therefore, some treatments might work within minutes and some might take months and years. That's because it is not only treating the problem you came to the doctor for, but also the other problems that you are unaware of.


Acupuncture is a perception. And feeling of five senses seeing smelling, tasting, hearing,and touching nothing but unconditional love. Only when we love our body unconditionally, can you love anybody else. And that's also the main reason for all the psychological problems facing humanity today. With no love for ourselves, how can we expect love in others? So the first step is to love ourselves. Love ourselves unconditionally, with all its faults, strengths and weaknesses. Stop criticising yourself and start loving yourself. That's when you will learn the art of forget and forgiveness. If you learn to forgive yourself for your weaknesses, you will forgive others. If you are harsh on yourself, you will be harsh on the others too. The moment you recognize this crucial fact, your healing has begun. Thinking in right way of doing good and understanding thatlifeisservinggoodtotheneedyitisourbirthnatureofalltokeepourbodymindandspirit in balancing of thoughts.

-Dr. Anandan Kannan, President, TAO Karnataka

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